Family owned and in house operated quality production.

Supplying prefabricated steel framing Mornington property developers and builders trust, LGS Solutions produces steel frames, roof trusses, steel stud frames, floor joists, and other engineered steel solutions with unmatched quality for Mornington projects.

To carry out all steel work projects to the highest of standards, LGS Solutions makes full use of its two operational divisions of structural steel and lightweight framing. By undertaking all engineering work in-house, we minimise the risk of losing control over the critical production process that requires the highest level of attention to detail and client deadlines.

Prefabricated Steel Frames Mornington

With prefabricated steel frames Mornington, builders can take half the time it typically takes to build commercial and residential structures using timber. Deploying steel framing systems for property development means that projects can proceed, and not be impeded by supply shortages and long lead times of prefabricated timber.

Efficiency is one advantage builders gain from steel framing. LGS Solutions supplies finished light steel products that are quick and easy to install on-site, amplifying the whole speed of the construction process in turn. The faster the construction is completed, the sooner you realise the projected ROI.

Speed isn’t the only edge you gain from building structures with steel frames.

This modern construction technology also lends to reasonably priced structures that don’t cut corners in terms of quality. Steel frame systems result in complex building structures that have lower maintenance cost with steel’s inherent capacity to withstand decay, pests, and extreme weather.

In addition, prefab steel framing is incredibly durable and generally safe. Manufacturing in-house with the use of precise technology, we ensure there is little chance for error in the production phase. Creating prefab steel frames, roof beams, roof trusses, wall or stud frames, facade steel frames, load-bearing steel applications with keen eye to detail will result in steel work that matches industry standards for safer structures.

Domestic Steel Frames Mornington

When your project requires domestic steel frames Mornington builders trust, LGS Solutions will deliver unmatched quality on cue. Whether you're on track to completing a large commercial project or embarking on an upcoming residential project, our experienced team provides lightweight steel frames using only industry-leading steel brands; Truecore steel by Bluescope. Matched with superb workmanship you'll experience the difference across the quality, customer service and our ability to meet the projects deadline.

Taking genuine interest in our client's needs, we don't just produce unparalleled steel frames. We take the time to fully understand your needs, taking into account all necessary materials for on-site erection and the provided erection drawings. In the end, this allows us to issue a comprehensive, obligation-free quotation, free of any hidden extras.

Lightweight Steel Framing Mornington

Trusted lightweight steel framing Mornington suppliers, LGS Solutions has a wealth of experience producing steel work products with unparalleled quality. But we haven’t allowed our extensive industry exposure to get in the way of professionalism and customer service.

As a family-owned and operated local company, we ultimately aim for continued partnership with our clients. This is why we take the time to completely understand your project’s requirements, so we deliver a personalised, obligation-free quotation that is both comprehensive and free from sneaky extras. Upon commencing the order, our designers then utilise state-of-the-art 3D BIM software in the creation of the proposed structural design. Once approved, the prefabricated steel frames and divisions are engineered in-house then delivered to your location along with everything essential for the final erection procedure. Call us when your property development plan requires quality prefabricated steel framing Mornington trusts. When you do, we’ll furnish an obligation-free quote that is detailed and transparent. We’ll include everything you need to erect light steel work on-site, including erection drawings and delivery logistics.

Discuss your structural lightweight framing requirements with LGS Solutions today!