Steel Joists Are an Excellent Choice for Your Residential, Domestic or Commercial Building Project

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Since the early 1950s, steel joists have been used as horizontal framing members to span the open spaces in floors, roofs and ceilings. Such spaces can be between those beams which transfer loads to vertical members. When used in the construction of flooring, they can add stiffness to subfloor sheathing. Steel joists can form a parallel series across bearing walls and girders, attached to them by supports.

Lightweight Steel Joists: Key Points in Their Favour

Choosing Steel Joists, Rather Than Timber Ones, Offers a Range of Important Benefits

These include:

  • Will not warp, sag or shrink
  • Not subject to fungal attacks
  • Do not provide a home for termites
  • Can help create wide open spaces with a minimum of supporting columns
  • Stand strong in areas where the climate can be occasionally volatile
  • Extremely cost-effective option

Light Gauge Steel Joists Engineered by LGS Solutions

Where Every Product Is Produced In-house

We know how important it is to be in control of every element of the production of steel joists for any project. This is why all our work is completed in-house; we never outsource and then hope for the best! We have both lightweight steel framing and structural steel divisions. This means we can meet all of the structural steel requirements for the work you are undertaking too.

Other key reasons so many clients choose LGS Solutions:

  • Our talented team of designers uses 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) software to draft the initial design for any steel joist needs. This allows our clients the opportunity to give their approval for us to engineer the product as well as see the modelling structure.
  • When we deliver a free quotation, you’ll discover that it provides an expected lead time, and includes any items you’ll need to put the finished product into effective use. On-site delivery is also included in our highly-competitive quotations, whether your project is Melbourne-based or elsewhere in Victoria
  • Our LGS Solutions team work with industry leading products - all Truecore steel is supplied by Bluescope. This allows us to provide extensive warranties; and our work always carries a reg.126 Certificate of Compliance
  • Experience! LGS Solutions has been family-owned and operated across two generations. This means we have gained great experience in delivering exactly the light gauge steel floor, roof and other joists that are required. We work with many long-time clients; and are heartened when they recommend us to others

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