Manufacturing the prefabricated steel framing Sydney builders trust.

LGS Solutions affords you the power to construct properties fast without compromising on durability. Because steel has the highest strength to weight ratio among frame types, buildings made with light steel frames are quicker to assemble yet tough enough to withstand most load bearing scenarios. Steel frames also don't twist or bow, shrink or settle, and will not rot either - a practical choice for modern residential or commercial developments.

With the immense potential your construction project gains from quality steel framing systems, you'll naturally want the components manufactured to the highest standards. No better company to meet your discerning needs than LGS Solutions, a trusted light gauge steel fabricator that has delivered unmatched lightweight industrial steel solutions in Sydney.

Prefabricated Steel Frames Sydney

The prefabricated steel frames Sydney developers prefer, can readily fit various residential and commercial applications.

In fact, many of our clients here at LGS Solutions choose light steel framing systems for either commercial property construction or residential townhouse projects. This is because steel has proven to be a practical alternative to traditional timber construction.

For one, light gauge steel structures are light to work with. Given their lightweight properties, delivering steel frames from our in-house facility to the worksite is a cinch. This is how we're able to cater to Sydney clients without jeopardising timeframes and deadlines. Combine this with the fact that our steel frames are efficiently produced in-house and it's easy to see how we've managed to ensure quick turnaround times.

Prefabricated steel frames are tough enough for any load bearing situations, too.

Despite being lighter in comparison to their timber counterparts, steel frames provide better strength to weight ratio. This is further evidenced by the fact that light gauge steel framing neither twists nor bows. It doesn't even shrink or settle, which makes for durable structures.

Unlike timber, prefab steel frames don't rot and attract wood-eating pests like termites. This, along with their other positive attributes, is among the driving factors that have made it the go-to choice for countless construction projects for nearly a century.

Domestic Steel Frames Sydney

With the domestic steel frames Sydney homeowners trust, residential projects are afforded unmatched durability and impressive flexibility. LGS Solutions is where you can acquire residential steel frames that are robustly produced through our in-house divisions that uses only industry-leading steel.

At LGS Solutions, we back up each order with a substantial guarantee and a reg.126 certification through a combination of superb workmanship and preferential use of trusted Truecore steel. Getting steel frames from LGS Solutions means you are investing in light gauge steel products made to fit your house’s exact requirements in a way that exceeds expectations.

Commercial Steel Frames Sydney

Established commercial steel frames Sydney experts, LGS Solutions is always ready to meet the needs of various commercial development projects. Powered by a highly experienced team and our unmatched workmanship, we aim to deliver unparalleled steel framing results with every order.

Manufacturing superb steel framing products in-house through our trusted framing and structural steel divisions, we offer you savings in terms of value and time. With the prefabrication process done under one roof, your construction project will not be hampered by costs and processes beyond our control.

When your current commercial development requires world-class prefab steel frames, roof trusses, stud frames, floor joists and other engineered steel solutions, turn to our experienced steel fabricators here at LGS Solutions!

Light Weight Steel Framing Sydney

Using the light weight steel framing Sydney owners prefer, residential and commercial construction projects can generally enjoy a quicker turnaround time. This can only be made possible, however, if the framing system is made to your project's exact specifications for faster on-site assembly.

This is why we take genuine interest in your needs once you contact us. We'll take the time to fully understand your project requirements before we give a transparent and obligation-free quote. We'll include all the necessary materials for on-site erection, erection drawings, and the cost of deliveries to Sydney in our comprehensive quote. No need to worry about hidden extras that will appear as the project goes underway!

While the timeframe of the design, manufacturing, and delivery of each steel framing order is largely dependent on the job at hand, trust LGS Solutions to provide you with superb steel frames and products promptly every time.