Quality Steel Framing Solutions for Commercial and Residential Projects in Melbourne and throughout Victoria

Whether you require a prefabricated steel frame for a commercial project, or for work you are undertaking on a residential project, it pays to select a proven steel fabricator. 

Unlike many companies, the steel frames delivered by our experienced LGS Solutions team are all produced in-house. This means that we can deliver more swiftly, whilst retaining full control over the quality of the steel frames we produce.

Light Weight Steel Frames

: A Popular Alternative to Traditional Timber

Important Reasons to Choose a Steel Frame

As an experienced steel fabricator in Melbourne, we understand that our light gauge steel installations are both lighter and stronger in load bearing situations. In fact, our steel has the highest strength to weight ratio of any such frame.

Light gauge steel does not shrink or settle, warp, twist or bow, it will not rot, and it does not offer a home for termites. It has been used in Victorian properties since the 1950s, and works well in our sometimes harsh climate.

Light Gauge Steel Fabricators

Delivering Proven Structural Light Gauge Steel throughout Melbourne and Beyond

If you require light gauge steel and structural steel for the building or construction project you are undertaking, you'll want to know that the product delivered will exactly fit your requirements. Here at LGS Solutions, we work through a six-stage process to ensure the results each client demands.



Our Six Stage Process

Number one
The first step sees one of our highly-experienced estimators produce a detailed, value-for-money quotation. This will also highlight an expected lead time; all other construction items will be included
Number two
Secondly, a design will be completed to best meet the steel framing needs of your project
Number three
The third step is to use 3D BIM modelling to complete an initial design. This ensures that it meets all the client’s specific requirements
Number four
Fourthly we engineer the agreed designs. A reg 126 certificate will also be issued along with a structural frame inspection
Number Five
The fifth step is to assemble the finished steel framing using our in-house precision CNC machinery
Number six
Finally, we deliver to your site (this is included in your quotation), together with all necessary erection drawings

Our Aim is Always to Deliver the Most Efficient of Light Gauge Steel Framing Solutions

Over many years, we have worked with a wide range of commercial and residential customers. Our team has unmatched knowledge and experience of integrating with structural steel.

Thanks to our superb team of designers and assemblers, we always aim to find the optimal solution, one which is easy to put into practice, and offers the cost efficiency so important for any project which requires steel framing.

One aspect of our work which is regularly noted by our clients is the quick turnaround times the LGS Solutions team can deliver.

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