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Truecore is noted for its blue resin finish, and is an alloy coated, high tensile steel product. It is the standout choice for so many projects across Australia, including mid-rise buildings, educational and health facilities, apartment blocks and residential homes.

Truecore is manufactured right here in Australia and is thoroughly tested in our often-unique climatic conditions. This product comes with an amazing fifty year warranty; so it’s little wonder that Truecore is the favourite of so many builders.

Truecore Steel framing: the Proven Choice for So Many Construction Projects

Light Steel Frames were Introduced into Building Projects Just After the Start of the 1950s

Since then, it has increasingly become the obvious choice for so much construction work. It is known to be a considerable advance on traditional timber thanks to its strength, matched to its lightweight flexibility. Prefabricated frames stand straight and true, and also stand the test of time.

This product is constructed to meet all relevant Australian standards. It will not twist, rot, warp or decompose, and is not subject to damaging borer or termite attacks, meaning that it is also free from the need for insecticides. It retains the long-time structural integrity that any commercial, residential or domestic construction project demands.

Using BlueScope’s Activate® technology delivers a product which offers an enhanced level of vital corrosion resistance. When cutting or drilling takes place, the galvanic coating protects exposed edges from damaging corrosion. A simple testimonial: Truecore steel is widely and repeatedly used by so many construction companies and builders for homes and so many other projects.

Truecore Steel: the Choice for Builders and Those Constructing Homes throughout Victoria

Using Truecore Steel Framing to Deliver Trusted Outcomes over Many Years

With two generations of experience, LGS Solutions is a family-operated business — and we fully appreciate the superb quality of the product, and are committed to make the most of its many advantages. We match this with our in-house operation. We never outsource any engineering work. Having both framing and structural steel divisions allows us to maintain complete control over the work we produce.

When you contact us regarding your need for light gauge steel engineering, we always take the time to fully understand your needs. From this we deliver a detailed and obligation-free quote. Our designers use 3D BIM modelling software to produce shop drawings for your approval.

After your order is engineered it is delivered to your location, together with any necessary connectors and erection drawings you’ll need as you erect the structure. Delivery, and all such extras, are included in our highly-competitive quote; as is an expected lead time. All our work comes with a reg. 126 certificate.

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