Quality Prefab Steel Framing Crafted by LGS Solutions

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Prefab Steel Framing, Constructed off Site, Provides a Valuable Option for Your Construction Project

Our family-operated LGS Solutions team has wide experience in the creation of prefab lightweight steel frames. We know that these are of great value to both commercial and residential projects where progress towards often tight deadlines is vital.

Prefab Steel Frames for Homes, Apartments and Townhouses

For a Melbourne Project, or Elsewhere Across Victoria, There a Range of Practical Reasons for Making Such a Choice

  • Prefab steel frames will provide durability matched with flexibility
  • They can be swiftly erected on-site
  • Provides a vital level of cost predictability
  • Steel framing has been used in construction projects for around 75 years
  • Prefab steel wall frames provide the highest strength to weight ratio of comparable load bearing frames

The Use of Light Gauge Prefabricated Steel Framing Works in Many Different Locations

Houses in Victoria, constructed with prefab steel frames, find benefits throughout. This includes in load-bearing walls, as well as non load-bearing interior walls, plus roof trusses and floor joists..

Prefab Steel Frames Supplied by LGS Solutions

LGS Solutions Provides Quality Light Gauge Steel Framing Products for Many Commercial and Residential Projects

This is an environmentally-friendly and inorganic product. It is created using sustainable materials, ones with recycling capabilities. It is a proven choice for our occasionally wild Australian climate.

Many clients, whether overseeing a major construction project, or undertaking home remodelling, appreciate that prefabricated light steel does not shrink, bow, warp, or rot. Of vital importance to many projects, it is also both fungus and termite proof!

Our Experienced Team Always Takes the Time to Fully Understand the Specific Prefab Steel Frame Needs for Your Project

We then provide an obligation-free quote, highlighting our highly competitive rates. All brackets and other items needed in final construction are included ,as is delivery to your site. We don’t believe in hidden extras!

Through a design and shop drawing process, we utilise 3D BIM modelling software; providing an initial design for our client to review. The designs we provide are engineered and a reg 126 certificate is always provided. Our team then assembles wall panels, joists and trusses, making sure the prefab steel frames are ready for your project to hit the ground running.

Prefabricated steel frames are a key element of many building projects. Our LGS Solutions team have delivered many such ready for use frames. We are so pleased that many of our clients then return to us for other work, or recommend our company to others involved in construction work in Melbourne and right across Victoria.

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