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Providing a Superbly Resistant Framework for Commercial and Residential Construction Projects

If you are seeking to provide a solid framework for the construction of walls, wall framing and partitions, then superbly effective and versatile steel stud frames offer a superb option. Steel studs are becoming a more popular option, given their durability compared to more traditional timber studs.

Steel Stud Frame Advantages

  • The quality offered by steel stud frames is thoroughly predictable, always arriving in perfect condition. This compares favourably to timber studs, which might be twisted or bent.
  • Steel studs, once in place, will not rot, bow or warp.
  • In problem areas, such as those which are water-prone, including bathrooms and basements, the fact that steel studs are impervious to water makes them an obvious choice.
  • Steel studs are lightweight in use and do not provide a welcoming environment for termites

Every Construction Project, in Melbourne or Across Victoria, Has Its Own Unique Requirements

So, once you contact our highly experienced team here at LGS Solutions, we will take the time to fully understand your project and the part that a steel stud frame will play in it. Before we undertake any precision manufacturing - which is always carried out in-house - we will supply a detailed quote, including the items required for its erection at your location.

In terms of engineering your product, a reg 126 certificate is issued with every steel stud frame product we manufacture as well as a frame inspection once installation is complete. The panels are assembled, and the product delivered to meet your own project deadlines. On-site, we will also have provided the connectors and erection drawings you’ll need as you erect your steel stud frame structure.

Steel Stud Frames Engineered In-house by LGS Solutions

As a two generation family-owned company, we are passionate about the quality of light steel products we produce

We also back this up with a superb level of service. Enquiries are handled quickly, and with friendly professionalism. We aim for quick turnaround times, because we understand how important this is to keep your project on time and within budget.

With skilled designers, and experienced assemblers, we are able to offer creative and workable solutions to any problems our clients may encounter during their project. In fact, we have been known to invent solutions to keep a project on track!

Unlike many others, who outsource many of the processes of production of steel frames, at LGS all work is completed by our skilled in-house team. We believe this to be a key reason, together with our superbly competitive prices, why so many major clients choose us for their projects, and come back regularly to use us again, and also recommend our services to others.

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