Frequently Asked Questions

1Do you provide engineering & detailing services?
Yes, all of our jobs come with a certificate of compliance and full detailing as well as erection drawings and panel drawings which are reviewed and confirmed prior to production.
2How many people does LGS take to assemble?
Usually 2-3 people can assemble a house framing depending on the complexity of the project.
3Do I require physical or chemical termite protection?
The Australian building code specifies that termite protection must only be used when a material is prone to termite attack. Steel frames are resistant to termite attacks so no treatment needs to be applied to them.
4Can I cut steel frames on site if necessary?
Yes, Bluescope recommends 'cold-cutting' steel frames so that zinc in the surrounding coating can protect the newly cut region.
5Is steel framing expensive compared to timber?
Steel framing is a new technology and can be priced competitively keeping up with market price trends.
6Will light gauge steel rust?
The Truecore® material is galvanised and as the process is by cold forming the material, galvanizing is not affected.